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Prom, Grad, Evening, Formal, Business, Party Dress

The new premises of “The Russian Tailor”, situated in the shadow of Victoria’s City Hall, is the culmination of Irina Sitonin’s lifetime of experience. 

Come visit Irina's spacious shop, where she specializes in alterations, custom-designed bridal and formal gowns, suits and shirts.

Irina's lifelong dream has been realized in her tailoring business, in which she is delighted to share her gift and passion for tailoring beautiful custom clothing with her clients.

Growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, Irina was taught to sew by her grandmother before she was five. By the fifth grade in Russian public school, Irina was taking sewing lessons twice a week. By Grade 8, she had attended sewing college in St. Petersburg and finished her high school education over the same four-year period. She went on to apprentice under a master tailor at a clothing manufacturer in St. Petersburg.

Irina's business, the "Russian Tailor" is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, a creative and discerning eye and a love of quality apparel.

In realizing a lifelong dream Irina is delighted to share her gift and passion for tailoring, as with a creative and discerning eye she creates beautiful custom clothing for her clients. “This work is my love, my life," said the vivacious red headed Irina. "And I like people. Seeing all the customers, brides and bridesmaids so happy and excited is such a great thing."

Visit Irina and experience for yourself the artistry that an expert tailor can bring to your wardrobe!

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